Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fairy Card

Although this card was already done a while back, I am starting to slowly add some of these cards. My cards are usually quite simple and not very ornate.

Thursday, June 17, 2010



Let me intorduce you to one of my cats, this is Chachi, although she is always called Chachita, I think it just sounds better. She has been with me over 14 years now, ans she is getting on in age she has calmed down quite a bit from when she was young. The word " chachi" in Hungarian means silly, when I got her she was already a few monthes old, and believe me she did the silliest things, including falling into the swimming pool, not realizing it was water eeek. so that is why she got named Chachi.

No Time to Write

What do you do when you really are not a writer, and people keep on tellimg me that I should have a blog that is up and running and updated regularly. I guess these friends somehow don't realize that I just don't have the time for these leisurely things. I am happy when I have a bit of free time to get around and make some cards, and really not waste it writing. So I have promised a few of you that I would at least upload some cards that I have recently made, the problem is that I still have not figured out how to do it, so it might take a few days, but it will be done.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Starting a Blog

Okey, I have kind of been pushed into doing this blog by a few friends. I have never blogged in my life, mainly no time for trivial things like this. So just to keep them happy I have decided to join the blogging world. I feel that it might be time to take things a bit more calmly, and dedicate more time to art work and crafting.